In 2023, a connection will be made between Elly Kellner's music and artworks in the exhibition Hete Vuren. This traveling exhibition starts in the oldest citypalace of the Netherlands: Het Markiezenhof museum in Bergen op Zoom. After that it can then be seen in city museums in Harlingen, Zutphen, Gouda, Venlo and Hoorn.


The Markiezenhof is the first to form a unique backdrop for the 33 new treasures from the Rijksmuseum. The exhibition of great masters, a parallel exhibition by Arsis and a varied program of activities for young and old are all connected by the theme Fire. The Markiezenhof happens to be Elly's favorite place in Bergen op Zoom. She used to live right around the corner of it and loves the history in the city's medieval lanes and squares.


Elly composed music to accompany three paintings. Songs about loneliness in the elderly, matters of taste (like in love) and rising like a phoenix after experiencing loss. When you walk through the museum with an audio tour you will be able to hear the music. But there will also be two concerts, a jamsession and a vocal workshop to participate in. Hete Vuren is planned from April 22, 2023 to September 3, 2023 in the museum Het Markiezenhof in Bergen op Zoom. With your entry ticket to the museum you can enjoy the beautiful city palace, the full exhibition Hete Vuren as well as the concert and interactive activity organised on the day.


Detail of painting Verschil van Smaak by Godfried Schalcken 1685 - 1690

Detail of painting Verschil van Smaak by Godfried Schalcken 1685 - 1690

Photo: interior of Markiezenhof, the oldest citypalace of the Netherlands.

Painting Drie generaties rondom het haardvuur by Fons Gieles