SEP 25 Cultuur Carrousel - Elly Kellner Songbook Series (3 concerten)
Bergen op Zoom
APR 22 Short appearance - Opening expositie Hete Vuren (With BJ Baartmans)
Het Markiezenhof - Bergen op Zoom
MAY 21 Open jamsession (with The Space Age Travelers) voor Hete Vuren
Het Markiezenhof - Bergen op Zoom
MAY 21 Concert (with The Space Age Travelers) voor Hete Vuren
Het Markiezenhof - Bergen op Zoom
JULY 09 Open workshop SingInsideOut (with Anna Liem) voor Hete Vuren
Het Markiezenhof - Bergen op Zoom
JULY 09 Concert (with BJ Baartmans) voor Hete Vuren
Het Markiezenhof - Bergen op Zoom

Elly Kellner Songbook Series at Cultuur Carrousel

The Cultuur-Carrousel takes place every year at the end of September and is an initiative of LIONS BERGEN OP ZOOM. Artists give you a taste of their new theatre season with short performances. In 2022 the proceeds will go to KWF and the Hospice in Bergen op Zoom.


Elly will perform her newest and oldest songs directly from her own songbooks. In this new Songbook Series the audience can expect up-close concerts with melancholy songs and more space for interaction.


More information coming soon: Website Cultuur Carrousel

Hete Vuren

In 2023, a connection will be made between Elly Kellner's music and the (traveling) exhibition Hete Vuren in the Het Markiezenhof museum in Bergen op Zoom. Based on a unique collaboration between six city museums and the Rijksmuseum, various elements will be in focus, such as the romantic fireplace, the crafts in which fire plays a role, wars and fires. The collections of the museums involved and the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam are used for this purpose. Through her music Elly will express her own interpretation and feeling about the artworks and the topic.


Elly will compose music to accompany two paintings. When you walk through the museum with an audio tour you will be able to hear the compositions. In the Markiezenhof there will be a couple of concerts and a number of interactive activities that everyone can join.


Hete Vuren is planned from April 22, 2023 to September 3, 2023 in the Markiezenhof. Exact times of Elly's performances and activities to be announced later.

Highlights of the past

Bergen op Zoom, Fashion Theatre
APR 2, 2021 Gebouw-T Storytellers
Bergen op Zoom
MAR 7, 2020 Nijmeegs Boekenfeest
Nijmegen - w/Koning der Dieren
NOV 15, 2019 Seeschau (House of Sacred Arts)
Erlenbach, Switzerland
OCT 5, 2019 Popmonument
Willemstad - w/Heather Bond
JUN 5, 2016 Eindeloos Eiland Festival
SEP 24, 2015 Paradiso Tolhuistuin
Amsterdam - w/Shannon Lyon
SEP 17, 2015 Cultuurcentrum De Breughel
Bree, Belgium - w/Shannon Lyon
SEP 12, 2015 TakeRoot Festival
Groningen - w/Shannon Lyon
SEP 26, 2014 Chassé Theater
JUN 6, 2014 Rauw Hees Teder
DEC 7, 2012 De Spot
DEC 2, 2012 The Duchess - w/MSC
York, United Kingdom
DEC 1, 2012 The Borderline - w/MSC
London, United Kingdom
NOV 23, 2012 Leaf - w/MSC
Liverpool, United Kingdom
OCT 13, 2012 Popcentrale
SEP 20, 2012 Theater de Wegwijzer
Nieuw & St. Joosland
JUL 14, 2012 Pastorale Au Parvis Festival
DEC 28, 2011 Cambrinus - w/MSC
DEC 19, 2011 Meneer Frits - w/MSC
DEC 3, 2011 Great British Folk Festival - w/MSC
Skegness, United Kingdom
NOV 27, 2011 Acoustic Alley - w/MSC
Den Haag
OCT 9, 2011 Trianon - w/MSC
OCT 8, 2011 Kasteel Doorwerth - w/MSC
OCT 7, 2011 De Amer - w/MSC
OCT 6, 2011 Stania State - w/MSC
JUN 5, 2011 Cineteatro Gavazzeni - w/MSC
Seriate, Bergamo, Italy
JUN 4, 2011 Teatro del Casin - w/MSC
St. Vincent, Italy
FEB 2, 2010 Paradox - w/Winnie Haarhuis
JAN 1, 2010 Popcentrale
SEP 19, 2009 Razzmatazz
JUL 12, 2009 Scheldepop
APR 6, 2008 De Waag - /w Iain Matthews
MAR 15, 2008 Beauforthuis - /w Iain Matthews
JUL 14, 2007 Pastorale Au Parvis Festival
AUG 3, 2005 Monkey Chews
London, United Kingdom
May 30, 2005 Inn on the Green
Harpenden, United Kingdom
SEP 29, 2001 Doornroosje
JUL 1, 2001 Breda Barst
1999 BoHo
Bergen op Zoom
1996 De Zet
Bergen op Zoom
1995 't Klapcot