Elly Kellner

The most melancholy Lady of the Lowlands

Elly Kellner writes songs that float somewhere between jazz and folk. With a soothing, but radically honest voice she shares her melancholy notes, all on a guitar with just four strings. As an illustrator Elly mainly works with ink in a style that can be described as narrative, detailed and colorful.


Elly Kellner is:

* Songwriter / Musician / Vocalist / Illustrator

* Winner in the Beyond Music contest 2019

* Winner of the Tamoil Arts & Culture Award 2019



Hete Vuren

In April 2023, a connection will be made between Elly Kellner's music and the (traveling) exhibition Hete Vuren in the Het Markiezenhof museum in Bergen op Zoom; compostions, concerts and interactive events...  > More info...