As an illustrator Elly Kellner mainly works with ink in a style that can be described as narrative, detailed and colorful. With anything she creates, wether it be music, videos or illustrations - the approach is to give space and share parts of her personal experiences. While in childhood music and drawing received an equal amount of time and energy, this changed in her twenties with a shift towards music. In 2015 inspiration for new songs was at an all time low and Elly picked up the pencils and ink again and has not yet put them down. Besides illustrating for her own pleasure she also occasionally works on commission.


If you would like to commission an illustration, please send an email for more information to Elly's helping hand: Mr. Brown

Example personal work

Example commissions


2022: Illustration for vocalist Heather Bond (USA). In 2023 she releases sweet lullabies for her auntie haha project.


2022 - Illustration for the book Canon van Bergen op Zoom. Topic: Television & Internet.

2019 - Comic Strip for Elly's ceremony for the Tamoil Culture Prize for the Arts & Literature.

2017 - Comic strip for the give-away shop Het Deelboz.


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